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The power of taking your brain offline for 7 days

The power of taking your brain offline for 7 days. I challenge you!

Bentley looks at the lake
Loves the woods!

Just got back from our annual week at the lake cabin in the northwest woods of Wisconsin. A few weeks ago, as I was planning the menu for the week, rearranging schedules so we could all take the time off, I had the urge to just keep my weekly client appointments, I mean, I can work from anywhere, right?  But, the closer I got to the trip, the more I craved just taking the time for myself, and as it worked out, I was able to push my appointments into this week instead of working on vacation.

A few important things happened from that decision and taking the action to make it so.  I didn’t go into my vacation feeling resentful that i “had to” work, I have been up to that cabin, hauling my computer up there because I had a boss that really needed me to be online, I’ve had projects that couldn’t function without me for a week, where I needed to be accessible, and it occurred to me while I was there that I almost turned into that boss myself! I finally get to work for myself, and I’m becoming a crappy boss, what?!  

Something else that happened was I read a paperback book that was 726 pages – in 2 days! When is the last time you’ve been able to do that? It’s been a long time for me, for sure.  I also noticed that for the whole week, I was present for my family, no heated, judgemental discussions, then walking away feeling like a bad mom, just stress free fun.  

The most important aha moment I had was on the long drive home, I realized, my brain had been completely offline, no city stress, no computers, no emails, and only a few text messages when I went up to the lodge to access their internet.  I felt calm, at peace, actually physically relaxed, which was very different than the way I had felt on the drive up there!  Yes, the car was jam-packed and I couldn’t see out the rear-view mirror, yes the boys still ate beef jerky in the car (gross!) and yes we had to stop many times along the way for gas and snacks and what not.  But, I was different, I felt like I was in a state of flow for my life, and I was happy, actually beaming almost the whole drive home.

The Stars at Night
The Stars at night without light pollution.

I share this with you this as I have had my own reflective moments, I am still processing the devasting events that took place over the last few years, I gave myself the space to do that, instead of just pushing through it all again.  That processing time of just being in nature at the lake for 7 beautiful days gave me back a sense of purpose and excitement for where I am in this season of my life.  I feel renewed, excited, and ready to serve my clients for the sheer purpose of watching them grow, develop and have a more fulfilling life.  

And I ask you, how are you feeling right now, at this very moment? Are you in awe of the work you do? Are you fulfilled, brimming over with excitement today? I had 3 client calls yesterday, and a social event that I attended last night, and I felt actually refreshed, not exhausted, I got energy from my work, because I am so excited to witness the transformations I get to see in my client’s lives.  

When is the last time you gave yourself permission to completely disconnect so you could come back refreshed, reconnect and re-energized about your life?  Even if it’s a mini break, can you take off half a day this week and leave your computer at home? Is there a nature something near you that you can experience the sights and sounds of birds, trees, water, sand, forests?   

Try taking some time this week to get grounded and reconnect to nature, give yourself the space to reconnect to your purpose and feel like you’re a part of something biggger than just the thoughts in your head.  

Decide what you want to define you this week, not from judgement, but from excitement, enthusiasm and a place of unlimited energy, then see what gifts magically show up for you: are you more connected to your family, your work, your fur babies?  

I’d love to hear what you discover, please hit reply and share back what happens!

All my best!

Another peaceful day on the lake.
Another peaceful day on the lake.

-Marilyn Dollar

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