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Side Hustle Joe

Mt. Charleston, Vegas, Nevada

Okay, today I’m going to talk about Side Hustles for the Summer!

Here is what I’m finding: There are a lot of people out there like us, who have great 9-5 jobs that they love! They also have a passion that their 9-5 job just doesn’t quite reach, kinda like a scratch that you just can’t seem to get to. And so, their side-hustle fulfills that for them. And people do it for a lot of different reasons.


So, I thought this summer, I would dedicate a series to people who have 9-5’s and work a side hustle, too. One of the cool things about traveling in the summer is that we can all support each other, even while on vacation! I love to shop local, and pick up unique finds for my friends. I feel a kindred spiritedness towards people who have side-hustles, I want to support them, I want to see them succeed and flourish. So, I seek these folks out, and when I find a gem of a side-hustle owner, I want to tell everyone!

Recently, I took a trip to Vegas with my man and another couple. And a little travel secret: when you don’t know much about a place, hire a local tour guide. I don’t mean the cheesy, get on the double-decker bus kind, (but that works in a pinch:) I mean a local, who knows the scene, (a few local secrets) and who can show me ways to save moneytime and still have fun. So those were the 3 things I was looking for when I got to Vegas. Another secret, book the tour as soon as you get there, if you have a great tour guide, the info will help you navigate the rest of your trip so much easier. How do you find a guide? I use Trip Advisor, get a recommendation from a friend, or this time AirBNB Experience: Vegas to the Mountain, which is how we met Joe. His day job is working in a big hotel on the strip and he does side tours in his spare time. His passion for Vegas was obvious! He had such a great personality, was a wealth of information and took such good care of us. Plus, he gave us numerous insider tips for the remainder of our visit. So we booked him to take us to the Vegas Mountains.

He picked us up at our hotel and we began driving away from the strip towards the mountains. We stopped at the basecamp visitors center, then up the mountain halfway, took a tour of a Hotel, and finally landed up in the treetops at a vintage lodge. There he bought us all breakfast, which was included in our tour, plus we got to walk around. After breakfast, he drove us back to our hotel, told us about 2 secret bars in the Cosmo Hotel and kept us delightfully entertained.


Marilyn and Joe

I really encourage you to frequent your local markets, coffee shops, and hire people who have a side hustle or a small business. It’s worth it, feeds into the vibe of the entrepreneurial spirit, and takes you on great adventures while supporting local business.

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