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Self-Image: 3 ways to Boost Yours!

The Importance of positive self image. Cartoon of woman looking in the mirror.

This weekend, I am getting ready for a professional photo shoot. What?! Right, I know, who do I think I am? That’s the voice I keep hearing…Oh, if only I could lose a few inches before Monday, why did I have that gluten free chocolate cake every night last week?! Maybe you can relate? When is the last time you had your picture taken professionally? Has it been more than a year? 5 years?! Time to capture the moment today! Why, you ask? a few reasons come to mind…

  1. Getting professional photos boosts your self-image. I know it sounds counter-intuitive and feels awkward at the time, and I know it’s worth it in the end.
  2. Hire a Stylist. I know, I know, only the rich and famous have these, right? Did you read my full article on hiring a stylist on a budget? It is possible, and it works!
  3. Create a shot list. what is that, you ask? A list of pictures you need from this photo shoot, much like if you were at a wedding and the photographer says, “Ok, now one with just the rings, now in front of the palm trees…”

As I’m preparing for this photo shoot, I’m wondering where will I use all these fabulous new photos? I plan to use them on all my social media platforms, so that I create a consistent image across Linked InFacebookInstagram, etc. Another place I can use them is on my digital call platforms, think Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. And finally, I can use them when I post articles, like this one.

An interesting side-effect when you get a really good photographer, like my friend, AJ, it is a huge boost to see a really great photo of yourself that is way better than your run of the mill selfie! Also, having one photo across all of your platforms, starts building consistency. I love my friend Maegan’s idea of a branding session, she gives a full description of how to prepare for a photo shoot.

Having a personal brand is a thing, if someone new looked at your online profile (or your complete digital footprint) what would their opinion of you be? Would you be someone they would want to reach out to, hire, date, friend you? or would they keep scrolling on by? Many times, when you are looking for a promotion at work or a new role in another company, this is the first place recruiters and HR teams go to find out more information about you. Be sure it is something you are proud of, that you still stand for and are willing to discuss, because it just may come up.

I’m currently reading Jon Acuff’s newest book, Soundtracks, and he talks a lot about the soundtracks we all play over and over again in our mind. One of his best examples is when he writes, he goes to a coffee shop, sits in the same seat and gets a ton of writing done…unless someone gets there before him, and sits in “His” seat. Then all bets are off, his mind starts going crazy with thoughts like, “well, I can’t write now, might as well just go back home, this day was a waste” until he started using thought interrupters like, “I’ll just get a coffee, and see what happens.” It’s a fascinating book about all the thoughts we may not even be aware of that are silently tearing us down inside. He suggests getting active with thwarting those thoughts by replacing them each morning and evening for 30-days, something that Zig Ziglar also used to prescribe. Does it work? Not sure, haven’t finished the book yet, maybe I’ll try it for the month, but I know it couldn’t hurt! And who knows, maybe it could boost my image?!

The last thing I’ll say about boosting your self-image is this, be the person you most want to hang out with! Are you fun? Happy? Always cracking jokes? Looking for a laugh yourself? Research suggests that children laugh up to 300 times per day, which is miles off the average 17.5 times that us grown-ups let out a chuckle. (Dec 2, 2020) I recently downloaded an app that sends me a funny joke every hour during the day, most of the time I at least chuckle:) it helps me de-stress in a moment and lightens up my outlook. Laughter is still great medicine and while it may not boost your image, it will make you smile more and that’s always a good look:)

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