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Self-Development is Your Actual Key to the Future

Have you ever thought about changing something in your life, or learning a new skill but you weren’t sure where to begin?  Self-Development is a good place to start priming the pump for change.  There are lots of ways to begin your own self-development path, you can do a few google searches, ask some friends how they did it, read a book, take a course, you choose your own adventure here.

The first thing to decide is, what do you want to learn or change about your life?  Maybe you want to learn something new for work, like public speaking, so you can lead meetings with more authority and confidence.  One way to start is to do a few google searches, maybe something like: How to lead a meeting with confidence, or How to lead a meeting effectively, both are a good place to learn more about how to lead meetings with more authority and confidence.

Something else you might try is, listening to the next few meetings you’re in and noticing how the people leading the meeting show up.  Which meetings feel like the type of meeting leader you want to be? What do you notice about their style, how they organize the topics, listen to the way they interact with the team on the call. Choose one thing you admire about how the leader shows up and try it yourself in your next meeting.  See how it works for you. If you like it, keep going, if not, try something else. This is called modeling or social cognitive theory, and it’s one of the easiest way to learn how to do something new.

A deeper dive into self-development is to read a book or two on the topic you want to learn more about.  Keeping with the meeting theme, try a google search for best books for how to lead a meeting with confidence and you’ll find all the latest titles.  Another way I’ve gotten book recommendations is by asking my friends what they are reading or I’ve even gotten a few good ideas from listening to podcasts lately.

At a large learning event
At a large learning event in Chicago.

And finally, consider taking a course on leading meetings with confidence, or you could take my eCourse: Self-Confidence through Self-Care.  In my course, we talk about four topics that boost your self-confidence immediately: Wardrobe, Skin Care, Body Care and Mindset.  And if you’d ever like to connect specifically on how to lead a meeting with confidence, I’d be happy to listen to what you’ve come up with to try!

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