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10 Self Care Activators

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Stop living in a state of stress and overwhelm and start giving yourself the gift of time and self care.

Simple Self Care Ideas

You can create from home in minutes a day!

Create time and space

Start prioritizing yourself on your to-do list.

Uplift your mood

You can create the environment you want, work and home!

Over a dozen Affirmations

Things to say to start your day feeling empowered.

Marilyn Dollar- The Woman's Coach

Hi, I'm Marilyn

I believe women lead from their heart and soul, looking for holistic solutions in the world around them, creating a culture of positive change that ripples out into their families, communities, and beyond. Does this sound like you? 

I am passionate about supporting you in creating your own leadership style, working through next level mindset strategies, and creating a brand you want to be known for. 

I am a twice certified Holistic Business Coach and High Performance Coach. Plus I’m a super connector to help you find supportive relationships.  

 It’s not too late, your time is now!

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