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Personal Development & Self-Care for Leaders

The importance of personal growth, continuous learning, and prioritizing self-care amidst demanding leadership roles.

“Leaders who prioritize their own growth and focus on personal mental, physical, social and emotional well-being perpetuate a people-first culture and advance the employee experience. These leaders place themselves in a healthy mind- and head space modeling behaviors that their colleagues and teams seek to follow.”

Laci Loew, XpertHR (a division of LexisNexis Risk Solutions)

Do you remember the HBO Series Crashbox? It was a great kids show featuring a segment called “Distraction News” where Dora Smarmy was the host.  It was ahead of its time, where it would have 4 or 5 news stories and then lots of distractions to entertain you and keep you from retaining the info presented in the stories. There was a quiz at the end where you had to remember what was presented in the news, it was a fun game. Now for us, it has become a reality!

“Don’t let anything distract you from watching Distraction News”. – Dora Smarmy

In today’s fast-paced world of distractions, many leaders are caught between the demands of being an employee, a coach, a boss, and a strategic partner. 

It can feel like a relentless juggle between job responsibilities and the expectation to constantly excel. And as you pave paths for others, has your journey of personal growth and well-being taken a backseat?  Personal development and self-care are not just rejuvenating buzzwords; they are essential pillars that uphold the foundation of effective leadership. 

Now is the time of self-evolution for leaders to embrace this next season to ensure they lead with clarity, passion, and a touch of serenity. Are you ready?

The dual role of leadership has become a dance of staying current, relevant, healthy, ahead of the curve – and many times exhausted.

  • Leaders guide teams, but they must also lead themselves.
  • The quality of personal leadership often reflects in professional leadership.

This is why the growing importance of personal growth is a natural next step. When was the last time you took a break from work to go and learn something that would support you in being a better leader?

  • Personal evolution fosters adaptability in rapidly changing environments.
  • Enhances decision-making by broadening perspective and understanding.
  • Boosts resilience, essential for facing professional challenges.

One of the key elements I see in my clients who are excelling is their commitment to continuous learning. This is one of the most important activities you as a leader can do to become even better at juggling all the responsibilities on your plate. Here are a few benefits that continuous learning brings:

  • The world, and consequently business, is in constant flux; leaders must stay updated.
  • Encourages a culture of learning within the organization.
  • Platforms like seminars, workshops, online courses, and books can be instrumental.

As a one-two punch, I also advise my clients to prioritize their own self-care as a leadership principle that will sustain them and their message. 

  • Leaders can’t pour from an empty cup: mental, emotional, and physical health are the foundation to great leadership.
  • Reduces burnout, improves clarity, and sustains long-term performance.
  • Establishes a positive example for team members, promoting overall organizational well-being.

How do you balance all the daily demands and prioritize your own self-care? By setting boundaries: Not all emergencies require immediate attention. I recommend my clients work on their priorities in the morning until 11am THEN they can check their emails (which is just a clever way of organizing someone else’s to-do list).

  • Time management: Allocate specific times for self-reflection, relaxation, and hobbies.
  • Delegation: Trusting team members to handle tasks (until 11 a.m.!) can alleviate unnecessary pressures.
  • Creating your own daily rituals (Michael Hyatt) See last week’s blog post HERE

One of the Charge Sessions in my first 90-days High-Performance Coaching Program has an entire session dedicated to a holistic approach to self-care:

  • Physical: Regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep.
  • Emotional: Therapy, journaling, and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Mental: Mindfulness practices, meditation, and brain-training exercises.
  • Spiritual: Exploring one’s values, beliefs, and purpose can provide grounding and direction
  • I discuss more on self-care HERE

Remember, there are actual benefits to the organization, too:

  • A well-cared-for leader often leads to increased productivity and creativity.
  • Contributes to a positive organizational culture and reduces employee turnover.
  • Encourages other members to adopt self-care practices, enhancing collective output and morale.

At the end of the day, personal development and self-care are not optional but essential components for effective leadership.

  • They ensure leaders remain agile, empathetic, and visionary, all while preserving their well-being.
  • Organizations thrive when leaders prioritize their growth and well-being, setting a gold standard for the entire team.

If you or a leader you know would benefit from hiring a High Performance Coach, please reach out to me directly, I would be happy to discuss how coaching will help. Because life is too short for bad leaders, whether you are one or you work for one, get the support you need to start living a charged life.

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