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Make Time for your Goals: The 4 tools I use that Actually give you the focus you need to Do Your Goals

How do you Actually Make Time to Do Your Goals?

I have a few tips and tricks that I use, and the first of them is getting my focus right. Are you like me with a to-do list longer than there are hours in the day? And none of your tasks include self-care to refill your energy levels so you can actually do all the things?

Here are a few of my secrets to getting more done, including the elusive self-care:

  1. Focus@Will
  2. That focus group that I joined with Angie
  3. Clarity Worksheet
  4. SuperNatural Workout

Focus@Will: Focus Music For Your Brain

Make Time: Focus@Will Focus Music app
The Focus@Will App

Let’s start with the first one, it’s an easy to implement trick: Music! I discovered this when I was working with a few ADHD clients, and found this helped me, too! Focus@Will is actually a specific music app that helps you find non-lyrics focus music that stimulates your brain to focus on the task at hand. It’s literally scientifically proven and you can check it out here. I typically listen to The Deep, on a Hot setting for 10 minutes to start, then I’ll switch over to a Free Flow session to finish my project. Super fun:)

That focus group that I joined with Angie

Something that I’m trying for January is called Focus Sessions, another scientifically proven focus helper, with people! This has been fun and gets me in motion early in the morning. There are 3-4 sessions per day about 90 minutes each. The set up is this, join the session on time, the leader takes the group through breathing and stretching exercises, then 2 sprints in 90 minutes. We set our intention for Sprint 1 and start working!

My Monday morning sprint is usually spent either clearing the deck or deep work like writing or creating something like a run of show list. It also helps that I joined it with my friend Angie so I get to see her almost everyday:). Here’s a link to check it out and get your first session free!

Clarity Worksheet

Getting true clarity on my goals this year has helped me focus on what I want to accomplish everyday in order to get me closer to my actual goals vs just being busy. I know that my coaching & consulting business is growing this year and I want to provide more value than ever to my clients. This Clarity worksheet has helped me find ways to do that plus, I share it with my clients to help them drive their own clarity around goals and priorities. Send me an email or DM if you’d like to receive the Clarity worksheet, too!

SuperNatural VR Workout

Okay, maybe this isn’t at the top of the list for finding the time to do your goals, AND it does help me focus! SuperNatural is a fun, VR-based workout that you can do anywhere you have enough space to wave your arms around! Click here to see a demo:). I love the 11 minute Mood Booster workouts that I can sometimes squeeze in between meetings to refresh my brain and my tired-from-sitting-in-meetings for 4 hours straight body! You do need to get yourself an Occulus VR first, I got mine at Costco because you got a free travel case and I like to take it with me when I travel:)

Time Blocking

I know this is a basic one, and I wanted to toss it in here because it’s key to tying everything together! In my Monday Focus Session, I take about 15 minutes to set up my Focus Session Block times for the week. And I suggest you have a single task per 45 minute sprint! I use my Productivity Worksheet to pick my Top 3 everyday, you can find that here🙂 Once I have my Top 3, then I look at what is “Deep Work” like writing, scheduling, things that need quiet focus time and drop them into my Focus Session times. That way, I am making forward progress everyday on my most important goals.

Hope this was helpful and packed with resources you’ll enjoy! If you have a friend who might also appreciate this content, please forward this to them, thank you:)

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