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Making more money this year – Your How & Why

Making more money this year – Your How & Why

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Every year, my 2 BFFs and I take a trip, usually to one of our houses, but we all live in different cities: Chicago, Dallas, Sarasota. We have been doing this for many years, and we have a formula for success: must get a massage, see a fun show, spend time catching up over lots of coffee (that’s my job, to make the coffee!), and dedicate one afternoon to our annual goal setting.

In the past few years, I have set my personal goal to start building my wealth, it has taken a lot of mindset shifting, hard work, and learning many new skill sets! And, it’s working! By starting my own side-hustle as a Business Coach, I have seen an uptick in my earnings. By creating more of a technical skill set at work, I have seen 2 consecutive years of financial reward. That’s my How, also, I attend a business development conference every year, in some form or another. Last year was Tony Robbins, the year before that was Brendon Burchard, this year is Amy Porterfield. It works!

The why was a bit trickier…for some reason, I felt comfortable in the throes of living paycheck to paycheck. I knew what I made was just going out the door to pay bills anyway, so why should I even bother budgeting? I have learned that, even if you do live that way for a long time, you can change it. Explore your why: my kids are my why. Cashflowing their college education is my why, creating a happy, debt-free life for them is my why, and living without fear is my why. I have read almost every book Dave Ramsey has written, plus a few others, trying to get a better understanding of personal finance. I don’t know why it’s not a logical thing to me, but it’s not. However, as a mom, I am willing to do anything for my boys, so for right now, they are my why.

The other night, after working a full day, and dictating blog ideas on my commute, plus going to OTF afterwork, I had in my calendar to attend a book signing by Ken Coleman. I did not want to go, I was tired, hungry, and saw no value in making that 45 minute drive in traffic. But, it was in my calendar, and I am honoring my commitments to myself more these days. So, off I went to the book signing. It was great, I have seen Ken Coleman grow up on the Dave Ramsey show in Nashville & now to have him write a book about “The Proximity Principle” which is something I truly believe in, well, I had to go! I showed up late, but got my book signed, listened to his wrap up and clapped to show my gratitude for his wonderful work.

On my way out of the booksigning, someone tapped me on the shoulder, an acquaintance that I see a few times a month in a mutual group setting. We got to talking and turns out he’s just become a certified financial coach – and guess what?! He needs a Business Coach! Viola! just like that, I have a new friend and a client that I can truly help make a difference in other people’s lives, which is my other, deeper why!

So, if you’re struggling for your How or your Why, look to your friends, your kids, the folks you work with, start taking notes on your life and you might be surprised at how easily the signs fall into your view:)

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