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How to Manage the Weekend with a Side Hustle and a Family

If you’ve ever had a kid in travel sports, you know what I’m talking about! I’ve been standing in mud so long, watching my son’s play football that I thought my toes would fall off. Quick run to Target during halftime, and got myself a new pair of rain boots and the boys some snacks, all while listening to an audible on habits.

You multi-task, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! But, is that okay? Are you really getting anything done by multi-tasking? There are studies that say no, and studies that say sure you are! The difference for me is: do I have to THINK about what I’m doing? If no, then I can easily multi-task, so I batch together things that I can do easily without thinking: cleaning up the data on my phone, deleting emails, addressing notes to send to friends (Tracey, I owe you many notes!), etc.

What doesn’t work to multi-task? Strategy, composing complicated email answers, creating long blog posts:) Insert what you find difficult here and create dedicated time to do it. When the weekend comes, it’s my time to actually pour myself into my business: writing my content for the week, doing all the stuff I’d said I was going to do during the week but didn’t get to, plus catching up with my boys and my man Jim.

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I follow Corinne Crabtree, she is hilarious, inspiring and a hard-ass! She makes me laugh and want to get up and do stuff, she was talking about this concept today of reverse-engineering your weekend. Now, I never really thought about it this way before. I’ve always looked at my mountain of a to-do list and by Sunday, mostly got it done, but feel exhausted or was too overwhelmed and watched Netflix.

So, this weekend, I’m trying something different: I’m going to reverse-engineer my weekend. By Sunday nite, how do I want to feel? Accomplished, relaxed from the weekend, closer to my kids, and in the heady cloud of love with my man.

How am I going to get there? Well, to feel accomplished, I’m going to have a smaller to-do list of only the essentials, workout and soak in my jacuzzi tub, plan a brunch date with my kiddos, and a date date with my man. If I accomplish all of these, I will feel exactly the way I described.

I challenge you to reverse-engineer your weekend & tell me how you’re going to do it & what success you had! Good luck & happy weekend:)

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