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3 Reasons Now is the Best Time for Your Side Hustle!

So, in this new way of working virtually, around the globe, how are you managing your energy? I find that if I have too much free time, I’m more tired than if I’m working on a project! Weird? Maybe, or is it science? Have you read the book “Flow” By: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Ph.D.? He basically says that when you’re in flow, you actually create more joy and excitement, hence the energy:)

One of the things that gets me into flow, is creating an art project. It used to be card making, paper crafting, scrapbooking, but now I find myself intrigued by digital artistic endeavors, like teaching myself how to create this planner below:

Digital Planner

Reason #1: TIME

So, why is this important now? Because you might find a bit of extra time on your hands! Use it to learn something new and create a new stream of income for yourself:).

Reason #2: FOCUS

As you take a bit of time at home, not commuting, shopping or socializing, you can actually have longer to get into a focused, flow state. If you are trying to learn something new for your side-hustle, like painting, blogging, or creating an online class, now is the perfect time to get into FOCUS.

Reason #3: ONLINE

If you have ever wanted to create your own side-hustle, and you weren’t sure where to begin, go ONLINE! That’s where everyone is right now, it is the best time to do your market research, create a beta group of testers, and start a Facebook group to support your tribe.

Before we all go back to life as usual, take a weekend to explore how you can find the Time & Focus to get Online.

Good luck to you in your new endeavor & post back what you’ve learned!

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