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Your Unfair Advantage

Do you have one? You need one!

Here’s mine for a few things: Dating, Energy…

I’ve been doing a bit of traveling lately, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Mississippi, and my energy since I’ve been home has not bounced back yet, ever had this happen after being away for a bit? How do you recover? I feel like I have a few unfair advantages, let me share them with you.

When people ask you how you did something, how do you respond? Or if someone gives you a compliment on your outfit, do you say, “Oh, this old thing?” or do you say, “Thanks, I got this outfit at Nordstrom Rack with the help of my Stylist, Annie, she’s the best!”  That Stylist, Annie, she’s your unfair advantage in this scenario.

Do you have an unfair advantage in your life? What is it? How did you find it? I’d love to know!  Let me give you a few of my examples, and see if you can relate… I’m a Navy Brat, which means I grew up moving around a lot as a kid, up until High School, I used to see this as a negative, as an only child, trying to start over all the time was hard.  Now, as an adult, it gives me an unfair advantage, I can make friends super easy, I love to connect my friends to each other to double our fun, I understand what it’s like to be the only one like me in a country where no one speaks southern Tennessee!  And, I have a global job, so I understand how lots of other cultures that are super different from the way we work typically in the US.

Maybe you have something you’ve lived through, even overcome, that is now an unfair advantage?  Sometimes, it takes someone to help you translate this into something great, a therapist to heal it if it was traumatic, a coach to help you transmute your mindset about it into something that gives you strength, a friend to call you out with a compliment.  I am reminded of not too long ago getting a notice that my apartment lease was ending early, and I had 30 days to find a new place to live, in the middle of February in Chicago. Not the best time of year to move!  And in that 30 days, shifting my mindset from looking for another apartment into looking for a home to buy.  Maybe I’ll do a blog post on that one day:)  Learning through that experience has turned me into a home owner, and I love my house, my neighborhood and the peace of my tiny backyard.

Another unfair advantage I have created for myself was when I was tired of dating guys who had less than stellar husband qualities. I wanted to meet “The One” and online dating was something so new to me, I attracted plenty of fish, most of which just didn’t want a long term relationship, or if they did, I didn’t.  So, I hired a dating coach, and she was amazing!  All the things I learned from her far exceeded the dating world, and I did indeed meet “The One”! You can listen to more of that story on her podcast here:)

I am a big believer in finding your unfair advantage in whatever area of life you might need one.  If that is your work life, right now, I’d love to hear about it!  As I continue to build my business as a High Performance Coach, I am still learning myself.  Back to my experience of having a dip in energy this week, I had to dig into my magic bag of mood boosters, here are a few things I tried that really helped me boost my energy:

  • Fun playlist on Spotify 
  • Long walk with the dog
  • Lots of essential oils
  • Calming supplement
  • Bach Flower Water remedies
  • B12 vitamin
  • Neora Youth Factor Drink
  • YLiving Ningxia Red drink
  • Journaling
  • Listen to DSB private podcast 
  • Walk and talk with my girlfriend

Over the course of a few hours, this really did bounce me out of my low energy mood.  Do I have this protocol everyday? Not by a long shot, but I do have tools that I can turn to that will give me that unfair advantage, and help me change my state of mind rather than just trying to white knuckle it myself.  What kind of things have you tried that help lift you up when you need more energy, when you’re stressed out and aren’t sure where to turn next?  As High Performers, we tend to take everything onto our shoulders, bear the brunt of whatever storm is on the horizon with no regard for our own well-being.  What I have found is over time, this takes a toll on my own energy levels and how I show up.  

Taking the time for self-care is critical in times like these, reaching out to others for support helps you both, and changing your state of mind for the positive has a ripple effect on the people in your life.  Sometimes it’s easier to take care of yourself if you know it will help someone else, too. Isn’t that funny? It’s a little mindset trick, use whatever it takes, to raise your vibration and energy today, your people will thank you:)

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