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How to Bring More Creativity to Your Leadership

Do You Share Your True Self?

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In today’s blog post, let’s explore our desire for Creative Expression.

Creative expression is all about sharing your unique identity with the world. It’s about showing the real you and living from your true self. This topic is meaningful to me because I’ve seen how being authentic and creative can bring so much joy and fulfillment to life. One of the reasons I became an Executive Coach is because I saw so many senior leaders not sharing their unique talents with their teams. 

Try this quick exercise:  rank yourself on a scale of 1-10 on your creative expression. Based on how much you agree with this statement: “I show the world my uniqueness by sharing my real thoughts and opinions. I feel creative in what I do for work and in other activities. My home, office, and projects reflect my own style. I’m living my own authentic life.”

What would you score yourself? A 1 would mean you are not sharing much of your true self at all, whereas a 10 would mean you bring all your gifts to the table and use your unique abilities everyday.

Marilyn Dollar and friends at a cooking class learning about creative expression

Creative expression means different things to different people. Think about what a 10 would look like for you, where would it show up first? It could be at work by volunteering for an innovation project, or going to a farmer’s market and buying 3 bunches of flowers that you arrange at home, or my favorite: trying a new recipe in the kitchen like spring rolls!  If you were to create something that added a ton of value to those around you, what would you create?

One leader that I admire happens to be a chef, Steph Izard, who truly embodies creative expression in the kitchen. She is a super foodie and cooks from an authentic place of pleasing herself and her customers. If you’ve ever tried any of her restaurants, you know what I mean. And when she shops for her ingredients, she looks for the freshest, local ingredients she can find.  Her work reflects her unique style and vision. 

What I love about her, is that she’s not afraid to take risks and explore new ideas, which has allowed her to create several foodie havens from Chicago to LA. Her journey from winning Top Chef to earning the James Beard Award for Best Chef, she shows us the power of being true to ourselves and expressing our creativity. Here are a few of her restaurants, go experience one!

Everything you do is an act of self-expression and creativity. How you write your emails, dress for work, tell a story, make dinner—these are all acts of expression. Start today looking for ways  to add more authenticity and more of your creative voice into your life.

Remember, your unique voice is your greatest asset. 

Let it shine!

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