Courage & Grit

Courageous leadership- Woman at the office in a meeting.

Courageous Leadership

The Key to High-Performance Leadership Courage is essential for leadership. When leaders are courageous, they are able to make tough decisions, take risks, and inspire their teams to achieve great things. One of my favorite stories about this comes from a courageous, young mother of a very famous little boy: Thomas Edison… One day Thomas …

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it's time to celebrate


Do You Wait Until the End to Celebrate? It’s easy to celebrate at the end of a project or a milestone, it feels natural, timely & right. And how do you get there when it’s a big project, like looking for your next best move – updating your resume, writing a professional bio, networking, applying to new …

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Marilyn meets the Queen

The 6 Pillars to Focus on for Success in Business this year.

What are the 6 Pillars for Success and why do I need them? Put another way, did you accomplish your business goals in 2020? Did you: Get a promotion at work Crush your projects Create better relationships Last year was a doozy, to be sure, if you accomplished any of the above, then you may …

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