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Carol’s Top 5 Reasons for Having a Business Coach

I love a good leader, someone I believe in, learn from, am inspired by and get to work with on the daily. Do you know someone like this? Are you someone like this? Whether you lead a team of many or few, leaning into the diversity of women in the world helps us all grow together.  Wonder what the secret behind many good leaders is? They believe in diversity, inclusion, having a real life outside of work and many times… They have a coach!

I recently met someone I admire very much and we exchanged voice notes, Andrea Jones, and in the background, I could hear her daughter laughing. It was a reminder that we all lead lives outside of work, and we are raising a new generation of women who will ride on our shoulders. How can we create more of this balance in our daily to-do’s? 

Today I received my Official Certification in Leadership Coaching from the High Performance Academy, I pair this with my Radiant Holistic Coaching approach and use the synergies from both to over deliver on creating transformation for my clients all over the world. 

Carol, who now owns Sparkle, Hustle, Grow, recently wrote a great blog post on why she has a coach, and it was so perfectly expressed. 

Here are her top 5 reasons on why she has a coach (reprinted with her permission): 

  1. The help you get is specifically for you. 
  2. They know what you don’t know. 
  3. They force you to set goals. 
  4. They help you change your mind. 
  5. They keep you accountable. 

“My coach and I come up with actionable things I’ll do which all support my business to generate more revenue. I’m someone who likes to take a yoga class at a studio versus doing it by myself at home, because I know the instructor will force me to do the work to improve. Similarly, knowing I must do the work because my business coach will ask me about it later lights a good fire under my ass. It’s hard to slack off when you’ve got a bona-fide successful businesswoman in your face saying “why aren’t you getting it done?”

With her permission, here is the link to read further and maybe sign up for her great business subscription boxes! 

I would love to be part of your transformation journey! Seeing more women reach great heights is exciting and lifts us all up around the world. To me, this saying never gets old, “Be the Change you want to See!”

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