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Why you need a stylist (even if you aren’t famous – yet!)

Why you need a stylist (even if you aren’t famous – yet!)


A stylist is for the Rich and Famous my friends said, how are you going to find someone good in your budget? Well, it was a bit of the Irish Luck, I’d say! I first found Hanna Lee, a lovely High-End Chicago stylist when I was looking for something to wear to my boyfriend’s son’s wedding this summer. The bride asked me to wear something in the color of blush or champagne, both tough colors for my skin tone, but it was her day and I wanted it to be special and focused on her, so I went shopping. I called Hanna and we did a quick video session, she was so helpful and shared some tips of how to accessorize the dress I chose:

I must have tried on 20 dresses, this one fit the bill for style, color and price. Hanna was terrific and really helped me see that it was this simple style that could work for the special day and indeed it did.

After the wedding, I had a few big meetings at work the following week, and it was my birthday, so I thought: How great would it be to create a capsule wardrobe with the help of a stylist?! So, I reached back to Hanna to ask her if she did this, and turns out she does, however, her fee was not in line with the budget I was looking to stay within.


the Champagne Dress that won!
The champagne dress that won!

So, you know what she did? Referred me to Annie! A regular, Chicago gal, who’s a mom, and has a side-hustle as a Stylist, perfect, I thought!

So, Annie and I had a quick phone call, and her price structure was in my (birthday) budget, so we decided where to meet: a swanky Salvation Army! We could have met at Nordstrom rack or TJ MAXX or any of a variety of places, but an upscale Salvation Army, yes, I love thrifting and use Thred UP all the time, so this was perfect:)

We met at said upscale Salvation Army, she arrived 1/2 an hour before I did and had a cart-full of things for me to try on, then I tried on everything, and it was all fabulous! I bought almost the whole shopping cart for a whopping $186, including 2 pair of brand new shoes! Amazing, here are a few of the outfits she put together. This was the best birthday present I ever got (thank you, Jim!) and I felt so amazing at all my meetings the following week! I had the confidence and happy glow of someone on the road to success:) Thanks to Annie, I am very grateful to all her tips, suggestions and vision for my new fall wardrobe! I will definitely do this again, I feel like a rock star, with my own personal stylist.

Do this for yourself, you’ll be so happy you did.

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