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3 Pillars to Your Quarterly Leadership Assessment

Hello Springtime. Flowers and a clock bursting through snow on the ground. Blog about quarterly leadership assessment

It is snowing where I am today, and I was hoping for sunshine!  I also spent the last several weeks studying for something, taking the test, and failing.  Am I back to square one? Do I just throw in the towel and say I did my best, oh well. Maybe…  I might think that (actually that did cross my mind!) And here’s a few of the responses from my girlfriends:

“Don’t let it get you down. It is not a test of your abilities whatsoever. You know this!”

“So sorry! Way to do hard crap! Failing makes us into the beautiful bad-A’s we are!”

“Aww, bummer! Remember that failure is only feedback! You are on your Way!”

And my favorite: “There’s nothing better than having a group of women rooting for you. You got this! We all know this is just a learning step!”

I am lucky to have so many terrific friends and the best, my husband had already pre-arranged a 90-minute massage and dinner at my favorite Tex-Mex place. So, all the bases have been covered. It still hurts, I still have to get up and try again and it’s hard, but as a leader, I keep going and growing.

Coincidentally, this week is my quarterly leadership assessment. I have looked at my own goals, and am proud of all the lessons, opportunities, and moments for growth. As leaders, we have the privilege and responsibility to guide ourselves and those we lead through these growth opportunities with vision, courage, and a deep sense of purpose. I have to remember, while it feels like its only happening to me, I have a circle of influence. My boys, my friends, my tiny team and my clients are all going through their own stories, how can I be a leader in their lives as a role model?  Who are the role models of leadership in your life right now?

Why Leadership Assessment is Vital

I do a quarterly assessment to help guide me on the path to getting closer to my goals. It gives me perspective and time to reflect on my journey, celebrate my strengths, and acknowledge areas where I can be a better leader. Here are a few areas I look at:

The Three Pillars of Leadership Assessment

1. Personal Leadership Growth: This is about leading by example. Reflect on your personal growth journey—how have you evolved as a leader? What lessons have you learned, and how have you applied them? Ask yourself, “How has my growth inspired those around me?”

2. Professional and Team Development: A leader’s journey is intrinsically linked to their team’s growth. Evaluate the strides you’ve made together toward your collective goals. “What achievements can we celebrate? What challenges have we overcome, and what lessons can we carry forward?”

3. Community and Relationship Building: True leadership extends beyond the confines of our immediate teams and into the wider community. Reflect on your role within the broader ecosystem. “How have I fostered connections and built meaningful relationships? How have these efforts contributed to our shared vision?”

Embracing the Assessment Journey

Something I’ve learned through many assessments now is to be compassionate with my reflective process. I can very easily find all the wrong turns I’ve made, our brain is literally pre-wired to do this naturally, so it takes some effort to turn that focus into a positive spin. Where did I go right? What did I learn? What if I wouldn’t have tried that at all? Who is on my team for support when things go sideways? Do I have a cheer squad?

Looking Forward with Vision

As I close the book on my quarterly reflection, I see clearly what I need to do next and I am grateful for the strong relationships in my life that help pull me towards that. Will I fail at some of these next quarterly goals? Probably! Will I succeed at some of them? Definitely!  So, I ask you, what are your leadership goals for the coming quarter? How will you inspire, motivate, and guide yourself and your team towards these new heights? Remember, every step you take on this journey moves you forward and lifts those around you.

Your Leadership Companion

Remember, leadership is a journey best shared. As The Woman’s Coach, I’m here to support you, offering guidance, encouragement, and insights as we navigate this path together. Let’s embrace this quarter with a renewed sense of purpose, leading with heart, vision, and a compassionate commitment to our shared growth.

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