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Empower Your Path to High Performance

6 Essential Questions for Every Leader

path with office buildings- Empower Your Path to High Performance

In the journey toward achieving high performance in our personal and professional lives, the power of introspective questioning cannot be overstated. As a leadership coach dedicated to empowering women, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative effect that purposeful self-inquiry can have on an individual’s ability to lead, inspire, and create lasting change. It is through this lens of self-discovery and empowerment that I present to you a roadmap designed to elevate your life and leadership to new heights: the Pillars of High Performance.

These pillars are the foundation that my coaching business is built upon.  The six critical areas of focus are Productivity, Psychology, Persuasion, Physiology, Presence, and Purpose. By consistently engaging with specific, empowering questions within these domains, you can direct your mind and life toward peak performance. I encourage you to keep these questions accessible—let them be a constant companion in your work area, a reminder of your commitment to growth and excellence.

Productivity: Charting Your Daily Mission

What is my mission today? Begin each day by defining your primary mission. This clarity will guide your actions and help prioritize tasks.

What am I looking forward to? Anticipation fuels motivation. Identify what excites you about the day ahead to maintain engagement and enthusiasm.

What must I accomplish today to progress my life? Progress is the heartbeat of fulfillment. Set daily goals that align with your long-term vision to ensure continuous growth.

Psychology: Living Your Truth

Am I living my truth? Authenticity is the core of your power. Reflect on whether your daily life reflects your true self and values.

What 3 words define who I am as a person, and am I living those words? This exercise helps crystalize your identity and ensures your actions are in harmony with your essence.

What 3 words should define how I interact with others, and am I living those words? Relationships are mirrors of our intent and integrity. Choose words that embody the influence you wish to have on others and strive to live by them.

Persuasion: Cultivating Influence

Am I developing influence? Influence is earned through trust and respect. Consider how your actions and words contribute to building this foundational currency.

Am I demonstrating empathy and bold enthusiasm when I seek to influence others? Empathy and enthusiasm are potent tools for persuasion. They signal your commitment and care, inviting others to share in your vision.


Physiology: Maintaining Your Energy

Am I rested and fully hydrated? Physical well-being underpins mental sharpness and emotional stability. Prioritize sleep, hydration, and nutrition to sustain your energy.

Am I sleeping, eating, exercising, hydrating, gesturing, and speaking with passion enough to have the energy I deserve? Your body is the vehicle of your aspirations. Treat it with care, and it will empower you to achieve great things.

Presence: Cultivating Vibrancy and Presence

What level am I in this moment in terms of my emotional and physical vibrancy and presence? Presence is the gateway to impact. Regularly check in with yourself to ensure you’re fully engaged and vibrantly present in each moment.

Purpose: Serving with Greatness

How can I stay on purpose and serve greatly right now? The purpose is the north star of high performance. Align your actions with your mission to serve others and make a meaningful difference.

Incorporating these questions into your daily routine is more than an exercise in self-improvement; it’s a commitment to becoming the leader you are meant to be. As you navigate the complexities of leadership and personal growth, remember that the journey to high performance is ongoing—a path illuminated by the powerful light of self-awareness and determination.

Let these pillars guide you as you strive to be more, achieve more, and serve more. Embrace the journey with an open heart and mind, and watch as you transform not only your own life but also the lives of those around you. Remember, the quest for high performance is not just about reaching your goals; it’s about the person you become along the way.

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