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Goal Setting in the New Year for Leaders

A powerful 5-step framework for setting realistic goals in the New Year

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Now that the New Year is here, what will you do with it?!

For me,  it’s a time of reflection and ambition, what is it for you?  Will you embrace January as an opportunity to redefine yourself? What are your goals and what does success look like for you this year?  Here is a 5-step framework for goal setting that I use with my High-Performance clients to create success focal points for their year. And if you could use a nudge of encouragement, to achieve your highest performance this year, schedule time with me today to review your goals and create an action plan. https://calendly.com/marilyndollarcoach/40min

  1. Gaining Clarity:

Clarity is power. As a leader, define your goals with precision. What will success look like to you in your career area this year? How do you envision your personal growth? Are there skills you need to gain this year? Who are the movers and shakers in your field, are you connected to them? Do you have a networking plan? Clear, specific objectives will be your guiding stars to set up a successful year.

  1. Energizing Your Goals:

Your energy is your greatest asset. Do you have all the energy you need to balance work commitments with personal care?  Where do you make time for exercise and healthy meal planning? How can you prioritize and delegate some of the “doing” in your daily to-do’s?  Do you need help with accountability? Where do you fall short at the end of the week?  Is waking up in the morning a delight or a drudgery? Finding a balance is vital for your health, and it fuels the persistence and resilience you need to consistently chase your dreams.

  1. Courage to Innovate:

Having courage in leadership is essential for transformative change. What have you innovated lately? A new system for streamlining content and copy effectiveness? Hired new staff? Where could you make a massive shift that would positively impact your time management? Do you check your emails before 11:00 am, or do you focus on the real needle movers in your business first? What is your leadership presence in meetings, whether in person or on Zoom or Teams? Are you creating psychological safety in your 1 on 1’s? Does your leadership team trust your vision and that you care about their part in bringing it to life? Is your level of influence in meetings where you want it to be?

  1. Maximizing Productivity:

As a leader, your time is precious. How do you streamline your daily productivity practices? Do you batch similar tasks such as email for 1 hour, then deep work for 2 hours, with movement and stretching every 50 minutes?  What does optimizing your schedule, using technology, hiring an assistant, and delegating tasks look like this year?  Where can you find an extra hour each day to read a business strategy book, journal your thoughts, and enjoy quiet reflection time? Efficient use of time is a big step towards achieving your goals.

  1. Expanding Influence:

Influence is a tool for change. Do you consider yourself a connector?  How do you build networks, foster more connections, and align yourself with people and causes that support your goals? Have you updated your LinkedIn profile in the last 90 days?  Who do you know that you haven’t connected with in over 6 months? Your influence grows as you empower and uplift others.

New Year's Champagne Toast - 2024 Goals For Leaders

This time of year, setting goals is common, and it can be a  journey of self-discovery and empowerment. One of the ways I begin is by reviewing what I accomplished last year. What worked, what didn’t, and where did I abandon a goal and why?  As you enter the new year, be intentional, and spend time seeking clarity for what you want to accomplish this year in light of your shortcomings from last year. Remember to include the areas of energy, courage, productivity, and influence.

Your goals are not just milestones, they are the catalysts for personal and professional transformation. This year, let your goals reflect your aspirations and your unique strength and resilience as a leader. Let’s begin this journey together, creating a year that’s not just successful, but also fulfilling and impactful. I’m here to help, if you need a trusted advisor, or to learn new skills that will help you level up 10% this year, and re-energize your performance edge, please click this link and let’s talk.

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