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Declaration Freedom

Embracing Your Personal Power as a Female Leader

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What does Freedom mean to you? Is it having the time to do what you want? Or having enough money in the bank to make the choices you want, not the choices you have to make?

Our topic this week is super important: personal freedom. This isn’t just about doing whatever you want. It’s about being your true self and chasing your dreams without letting fear hold you back. Sounds pretty great, right?

Think about it – what does freedom mean to you right now? Maybe it’s speaking up in meetings without feeling scared. Or finally starting that business you’ve been dreaming about for years. Whatever it is, it’s time to make it happen!

Real-World Freedom Fighters

Let’s look at some inspiring women who’ve embraced their personal freedom:

  1. Malala Yousafzai: This brave young woman stood up for girls’ education in Pakistan, even when it was dangerous. She didn’t let fear stop her from fighting for what she believed in.
  2. Serena Williams: She’s not just a tennis star. Serena has spoken out about unfair treatment in her sport and has started businesses outside of tennis. She’s living life on her own terms!
  3. Sara Blakely: The founder of Spanx started her company with just $5,000. She didn’t let lack of experience or money hold her back from creating a billion-dollar business.

These women show us that personal freedom can look different for everyone. But they all have one thing in common: they didn’t let others or their own doubts stop them.

Sometimes, we let other people or our own fears stop us from being free. But guess what? You have the power to change that! Here are some fun ways to feel more free:

  1. Write down what your perfect day would look like. Don’t hold back – dream big! Maybe it’s waking up early to exercise, and then spending the day working on a project you love. Or maybe it’s taking a day off to explore your city and try new things. I do this at least monthly: have a long weekend workout, then go for a massage, and out to a dinner and a Broadway-type show!
  2. Think about what you don’t want in your life anymore. It’s okay to say “no” to things that don’t make you happy. This could be a job that drains you, a friendship that’s not supportive, or even a habit you’ve outgrown. This is one of the most freeing things I have ever done, leaving a relationship years ago completely changed my life and allowed me the freedom to become the person I am today.
  3. Make a list of things you want to start doing to live your best life. Always wanted to learn to paint? Sign up for an art class! Dreaming of starting a podcast? Research how to get started! I recently started a podcast and it has been so much fun, also on my list this year is to build more muscle, weight lifting here I come!

Let’s look at how these ideas might play out in real life:

Imagine Sarah, a marketing manager who’s always dreamed of starting her own business. Her perfect day might include waking up early to work on her business plan before heading to her day job. She decides to say “no” to extra projects at work that don’t align with her goals. Instead, she starts attending networking events to meet other entrepreneurs.

Or think about Maria, a VP of Finance who loves to travel but never seems to find the time. Her ideal day might include planning her next adventure. She chooses to cut back on late nights at the office to have more time to explore her travel options and meet others who might want to go, too. She also starts a video travel blog to share her experiences and connect with other travelers.

Many things get in the way of our freedom. Here are some common blockers and how to deal with them:

  1. Fear of what others think: Remember, it’s your life, not theirs. Focus on what makes you happy.
  2. Lack of confidence: Start small. Each little success will boost your confidence.
  3. Financial worries: Look for creative ways to pursue your dreams without breaking the bank. Maybe you can start that business part-time or find free online classes to learn new skills.
  4. Time constraints: We all have 24 hours in a day. It’s about prioritizing what’s important to you.

Remember, you’re in charge of your own freedom. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t do. You’ve got this, girl!

So, what’s one small step you can take today to feel more free? Maybe it’s trying a new hobby or telling someone how you really feel. Perhaps it’s updating your resume to look for a job you love, or booking that trip you’ve been putting off.

Whatever it is, go for it! Start small if you need to. Even tiny steps in the right direction can lead to big changes.

Let’s make freedom our new favorite word. You deserve to live your life exactly how you want. So spread those wings and fly, beautiful leader!

Personal freedom isn’t just about doing whatever you want. It’s about living authentically, pursuing your passions, and creating a life that lights you up. It might not always be easy, but it’s always worth it.

So, what does freedom mean to you? And more importantly, what are you going to do about it? The world is waiting for you to shine your light. Let’s make it happen!

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