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The Impact of Leadership in Everyday Life

When was the last time you thought about your personal leadership? As a leader, you likely have more influence than you think!

Last week, I saw Brendon Burchard, Ed Mylett, Jamie Kern Lima, and Jon Gordon.  It was an incredible time of learning, asking questions, and meeting new, like-minded friends.

Ed shared a great story about driving to his house that was under construction, after having a client call mishap & a problem with his contractor. He was driving too fast, gripping the steering wheel & ready to unload on someone fully! 

When he arrived at his house, he stormed into the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks. The group of guys working on his house were laughing and joking around, doing their best work, loving working together. He noticed at that moment, he was on the wrong side of the equation. 

They were happy, doing work they loved. He was angry and ready to go off on the first person he saw. As he caught himself in the kitchen, before the guys saw him, he changed his state of mind, took a deep breath, and walked into where they were working.

He joked around with them a bit, then invited them all to stay after work for a few beers on the patio Friday. He wanted to figure out what was driving their happy work attitude.

This changed his direction for the next week and beyond. Now he looks for opportunities to extend grace to others and even himself when he starts feeling tense.  I loved this story (he told several!)

I immediately put this to work in my own life! I will sometimes pay for the car behind me in the drive-thru, just randomly spreading joy in my community. What Random Act of Kindness have you spread lately? And I asked myself this, it’s been a while…so on my way home, I was flying Spirit, I know, don’t even get me started! The trip to California was not too fabulous, and I was determined to change that on the way home. So, it started by just being kind to the crew, I had paid for a carry on bag, which made boarding the plane easier, already a win! There were some issues with the airport in Vegas, so we were late departing, and we were actually now going to be landing at the same time my connecting flight to Chicago was taking off and I was trying to get home to see Madonna!  Somehow, when we landed, the kind crew held everyone in their seats so those of us with connecting flights could run through the airport…

I barely made my flight!  Got to the Madonna concert, and we climbed the 3 flights of escalators to reach our nose bleed seats right on time. I was so excited! Her show is like a Broadway Production, I didn’t care where our seats were. But, then something else happened, the poor young girls next to us got sick, and well, let’s just say, we all had to move after that!  I let things calm down a bit, then went to talk to the concierge desk (did you even know there was one of those at the United Center?!) and the poor frazzled guy on duty was tending to many fires. So, I kindly left him my number and asked him to text me if he had a seat somewhere else that we could move to. 

Low and behold, he texted me back in 10 minutes, and handed me 2 new seat assignments- on the floor level 103!!! What?! That just made the whole night, we were blown away at the difference of seeing Madonna so up close and she was amazing!  On our way home, I texted the kind concierge a big thank you, he made our night. The power of the ripple effect of a story changed everything for me, and those around me, so grateful for how it all worked out. Thanks, Ed!

Another speaker at Ultra was Jon Gordon. We laughed a lot at his stories, he is like a stand-up comedian! He talked about how his daughter quit Lacrosse because he was such a hard-driven coach toward her. He started to recognize he needed to make some serious changes in his approach, not only with her, but with his wife, too.  I think she gave him a book called “How to Have a New Husband by Friday”, haha!  Then he went on to tell us about how he did make some serious changes in his approach, language and how he learned to regulate his emotions to be more present and kind with his family and beyond. He was also very funny, he definitely used humor to deflect difficult situations.

But, the best presentation was from Jamie Kern Lima.

She talked about her journey in writing her new book: Worthy.  How, even after selling her company, IT Cosmetics to Loreal for $1 billion dollars, meeting Oprah for lunch, she struggled with what to take for a housewarming gift (a baby oak tree, of all the things!), and then talking to Oprah for 3 hours, she never called her again.

Presenter Jamie Kern Lima @ Growth Day 2024 -topics of influence, growth and leadership

Can you imagine? Oprah says, “Here’s my number, call me anytime, Jamie!” And nothing. For 4 years. Until she started doing her work on researching the difference between Self-Confidence and Self-Worth, she realized it had been her own lack of internal worth that held her back. 

So, she called Oprah, she wrote the book, and now I hear she might have a new TV show?! What an incredible story!  Looking forward to reading the book, for sure.

Of course, all the speakers had a framework to share, you can hear it in the Growth Day replay app if you’re a Mastery member. But, my favorite part is always the stories.

After the full day of learning, we got to have our Ultra time with Brendon, and I asked him to go into detail about the supplements that he mentioned in his keynote about overcoming Overwhelm & Stress. And he graciously shared it!

Brendon’s RAMBO stack of supplements:

R: 100 mg Rhodiola
A: 300 mg Alpha GPC
M: 300 mg Maca
B: Boswellia
O: Omega 2 gr. EPA 

What stories have you shared lately? Have you had any learnings or aha moments? Share them with the folks around you, and elevate them, too! The power of stories is so important in the way they connect us all. Remember, you are more influential than you think and you never know who’s watching your journey, so make it fun!



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