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Conscious Leadership


Are you truly conscious as a leader?

Are you noticing what’s happening around you and making a positive impact? Or are you just going through the motions every day?

Being a leader can be tough. We have so much to do that sometimes we stop paying attention. But when we do that, we miss out on fully participating in our life.

Here are 3 tips to help you be a more conscious leader now:

    1. Become More Aware of Your Thoughts

    Are you controlling your thoughts, or are they controlling you? Conscious leaders catch their negative thoughts and change them. This is a habit that requires consistency and consciousness. Check out Jon Acuff’s book Soundtracks for more info on this.

      2. Purposeful With Your Actions

      Everything you do shapes how people see you as a leader. Conscious leaders think about how they act.  What is your presence when you enter a meeting? Are you the notetaker, the gruff boss, the gloom and doom naysayer? Or are you actively listening with the intent to build your team up and celebrate their successes? 

        3. Track Your Growth

        Are you aware of your progress and celebrating your milestones? Writing down your growth helps you see how far you’ve come. I keep a “Kudos” file that helps me on the days I feel stuck or down. This reminds me of how far I’ve come and better days. I also work with a coach who reminds me:)

        Something that shifted my thinking when I became a leader was that I realized how to figure things out on my own. Does your team come to you to solve everything for them? This might be a habit that could use a shift in approach, by empowering your team to think for themselves, it frees up your time to focus on leading and strategy. 

        Last year I hosted a big meeting for the Top 100 Leaders in a Fortune 100 company, there were about 50 people on our team to execute all the moving parts to this weeklong gathering.  Many snafus popped up along the way, one, in particular, was the day before the meeting the team was loading in a lot of supplies and somehow the glass entrance door shattered.

        What happened next was interesting. I was alerted and showed up to see the door, and there were some ideas that the team already had by the time I arrived:

        • Just board it up
        • Work with the print team to have the boards wrapped in logos

        And they got busy working on that, I was satisfied with the initial solution, and I said to them, “I trust you to keep thinking about the best way to solve this, let me know where we land”. Sometimes all it takes is a simple belief in your team to keep innovating and reaching for creative solutions. 

        Now, the team kept working on this problem door the rest of the afternoon, and when I stopped by to see the progress, you know what they did?  Someone from the building had come to measure the door for replacement glass and noticed that it was the same size door as what was on the 3rd floor. So, they swapped the doors out, none of the 100 leaders that showed up the next day knew any of this had happened, all they saw was a welcome sign and a door that worked.

        I commended my team with gift cards, a note of thanks, and kind words of praise in the moment. They really pulled together to solve that on their own, and reached out to other experts outside of the facilities department to figure it out.  

        You know what there wasn’t? There was no finger-pointing. No asking how did this happen. Who’s going to fix this? No admonishments.  There was safety, compassion, and understanding, from everyone, hey accidents happen and no one was hurt, that’s great! 

        Now what? It doesn’t matter what position you have at work, we can all rise up and bring our best selves to the job. This is where we have the opportunity to fill in the gap of where we are and where we aspire to be. How can we do more of this every day? 

        This is a great example of conscious leadership. Where have you stopped being conscious? What areas need more attention? When we become more aware, leadership can be fun again, think of it as an adventure! I had no idea we could just swap the doors, genius solution and great teamwork, what a journey it took to get there, and just in the nick of time:)

        Start today. Work on becoming more conscious in your leadership. The rewards will be amazing for you and your team.

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