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Embracing Competence

Your Pathway to High Performance

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Welcome back! I trust you had a great Eclipse Party last week. We drove down south to visit family and it rained the whole time, so we watched it online.  Always fun to recalibrate and spend time with people you love, my husband and I also attended a virtual coaching intensive for the week.  It was a wonderful learning experience for both of us, and funny that he stayed in his office and I stayed in the kitchen, both on our computers.  The only problem was, that we stayed up way too late each night talking about what we had learned, and the people we met! We are so excited to be skill-stacking in our zone of genius while building our competence in our coaching business.

Speaking of competence… In last week’s message, we navigated the deep waters of Control, understanding its profound impact on our lives. Today, we shift our focus to another critical aspect of self-development and leadership—Competence. Competence involves our knowledge, skills, and abilities across all areas of life, and its importance cannot be overstated, especially when aiming for high performance.

Why Competence Matters To Me

Competence is a subject close to my heart, primarily because it bridges the gap between aspiration and reality. In my journey both as an individual and as a leadership coach, I’ve seen firsthand how competence boosts confidence. When we lack confidence in our abilities, we hesitate to step forward and embrace challenges. However, developing our skills not only propels personal growth but also positions us to achieve peak performance in our careers and personal lives.

Reflecting on Your Competence

In my coaching practice (and my own personal life) I have a quarterly practice that I use to rank competence on a scale of 1-10. You measure it by how much you agree with the statement: “I have the knowledge, skills, ability, and wisdom needed to achieve my goals. I am regularly learning new things that help me progress.” How would you score yourself?

Think about the area in your life where you feel most competent. How did you develop this expertise? If you had to distill this into three key pieces of advice for developing such expertise, what would they be?

Conversely, consider any current situations where you feel a lack of competence. What specific skills do you need to acquire or improve? How can you effectively learn these skills within the year?

Setting Learning Goals

Do you set monthly learning goals? If so, what’s on your agenda this month? If not, what have you been eager to learn lately? This practice is not just about building skills; it’s about creating a habit of continuous improvement.

Learning from Leaders and Mentors

Who are the thought leaders or mentors you could follow more closely to enhance your skills? Engaging with the insights of experts can provide a significant boost to your competence, offering fresh perspectives and proven strategies. A few of the leaders I enjoy listening to are Brendon Burchard, Corinne Crabtree, Mel Robbins, Jamie Kern Lima and Natalie Ellis. I would love to hear who yours are!

Skill Stacking for Success

Now, let’s talk about “Skill Stacking.” This concept is a powerful tool for anyone serious about upgrading their skill set systematically. Instead of acquiring skills haphazardly, skill stacking encourages you to be intentional about what you learn, aligning each new skill with your top goals.

For each of your major life goals, identify a skill you need to develop over the next month. This approach isn’t just about dabbling; it’s about deeply integrating these skills into your daily life to drive real change.

Competence is not just about collecting knowledge—it’s about transforming that knowledge into action. As you continue to build on your skills, remember that each step forward enhances not only your competence but also your confidence and your capability to lead effectively. Let’s keep this momentum going, shaping a path to high performance that is uniquely yours.

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