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Sparkling Shoes & Soul-Searching Safaris: Discover Your 2024 Desires & Make This Year FABulous

What Desires Are You Reaching for in 2024 (and Ditching the “Shouldas”)

Sparkly Shoes for The New Year!

Ok, picture this: a brand new year, sparkling like champagne flutes, brimming with possibilities like a closet overflowing with fabulous shoes. We’ve been bombarded with “goal-setting gurus” and “New Year, New You” mantras, but hold on a sec. This year, let’s bypass the pressure and dive into something far more juicy: unearthing our deepest desires for 2024, something that makes our hearts sing louder than Beyoncé at karaoke night.

Forget the “shouldas” and the “to-dos.” We’re not robots chasing checklists. We’re fierce, fabulous women, and our yearnings deserve a spotlight, not a dusty corner in the back of our minds. So, let’s ditch the Pinterest boards and self-help gurus (unless they’ve got seriously good dance moves, of course). This is a solo mission, a soul-searching safari to uncover what truly makes our eyes sparkle and our inner goddess do the Macarena.

It’s instructive to note that goals are different from desires. While one is a mere wish, one is backed by action. It is the desires, passions, and sacrifices that you have for any idea that will determine how successful you will be in life.

How do we become desire detectives? Buckle up, my friend, here’s a treasure map:

  • Introspection, not Instagram: Ditch the curated feeds and get real. Grab a journal, pour yourself a glass of something bubbly, and ask yourself:
    • What ignites your inner fireworks? Forget the accolades and the “shouldas.” What activities make you lose track of time, feeling like you’re dancing in the sunshine?
    • What makes your heart ache with longing? Pay attention to those frustrations, those whispered “what ifs.” They’re clues to desires waiting to be unwrapped.
    • What whispers of “more”? Is there a nagging feeling that something’s missing? Listen to that voice. It’s your soul craving its own delicious adventure.
  • Embrace the Imperfectly Fabulous: Don’t stress about finding the “one true desire.” Our wants are like a kaleidoscope, ever-shifting and sometimes contradictory. Embrace the messy beauty of it all, the unexpected twists and turns, and the freedom to explore without judgment.
  • Let Your Imagination Take Flight: Close your eyes and picture your ideal 2024. What do you see? What sounds fill the air? Who are you with? Don’t hold back, with all the feels. Paint a picture so vivid you can almost taste it, see it, smell it.
  • Move Your Body, Move Your Soul: Sometimes, the answers lie not in quiet contemplation but in movement and connection. Go for a walk, dance like nobody’s watching (because who cares if they are?), or lose yourself in the rhythm of nature. Sometimes, our desires reveal themselves when we’re expressing ourselves, loud and proud.
  • Connect with Your Inner Compass: Our desires don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re intertwined with our core values, those guiding stars that light our way. Reflect on what matters most to you – kindness, creativity, freedom, adventure. How can aligning your desires with these values make your 2024 a masterpiece?

Remember, this isn’t about finding the one “right” desire. It’s about exploration, acceptance, and opening to a symphony of wants that make your heart sing like a diva with a rhinestone microphone. This year, let’s ditch the pressure and embrace the messy, beautiful journey of discovering what truly makes us tick.

Happy New Year- Marilyn and Jim 2024
Happy New Year- Marilyn and Jim 2024

2024 Desire Discovery Worksheet: Unwrapping Your Year of Fierce Fulfillment

Let’s ditch the “shouldas couldas” and dive into the juicy depths of your actual desires for a 2024 that makes you feel like a shiny new you. This worksheet is your compass on this soul-searching safari, helping you unearth what truly makes your heart sing. Grab your favorite pen, pour yourself a glass of something delicious, and get ready to uncover your inner queen!

Part 1: Unmasking Your Soul’s Longings

  • Sparkling Soul: What activities make you lose track of time, feeling like you’re dancing on sunshine? Write down at least 5 things that ignite your inner fireworks.
  • Whispers of “What If”: Pay attention to those frustrations, those unfulfilled needs. What makes your heart ache with longing? Write down at least 3 things you crave but have yet to explore.
  • The “More” Whisper: Is there a nagging feeling that something’s missing? Listen to that voice! What whispers of “more” are you yearning for? Write down at least 2 things you want more of in your life.

Part 2: Painting Your 2024 Masterpiece

  • Close your eyes and imagine: Picture your ideal 2024. What sights, sounds, and emotions fill your mind? Who are you with? What are you doing? Describe your dream year in vivid detail.
  • Values Compass: What are your core values? Think kindness, creativity, freedom, adventure. How can aligning your desires with these values make your 2024 a masterpiece? Write down at least 3 ways you can honor your values through your desires.
  • Imperfectly Fabulous: Remember, our desires are a kaleidoscope, ever-shifting and sometimes contradictory. Embrace the messy beauty of it all! Write down one thing you want that might seem “weird” or “unrealistic” – just for the fun of it!

Part 3: Making Your Desires Take Flight

  • Action Time! Choose one of your top desires and write down 3 concrete steps you can take to make it happen in 2024. Be specific and actionable!
  • Spark the Joy: What small actions can you take today to bring you closer to your desires? It could be booking a dance class, planning a weekend getaway, or simply indulging in a luxurious bath. Write down 3 things you can do today to spark joy and move towards your dreams.
  • Share the Love! This journey is even more fun with your sister-friends! Share your desires and action steps with a supportive friend or join an online community of women on a similar path.

Bonus Tip: Keep this worksheet somewhere you can revisit it often. As your desires evolve and you take action, update it and celebrate your progress! Remember, this is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the process of discovering your desires and revealing to the world your inner queen in 2024!

So, my friend, are you ready to embark on your own Desire Discovery Adventure? Share your thoughts, questions, and desires with me by replying to this email, I’d love to hear what you’re reaching for in 2024. Let’s make this a collective exploration of what it means to crave and create a 2024 that’s as fabulous as we are!

Cheers to a year that sparkles with joy, overflows with desires, and makes us feel like the queens we truly are!

And if you’d like more inspiration, here’s what I did on New Year’s Day, I watched my coach spill his formula for the New Year on GrowthDay, a personal development app. It was fabulous!

You can download the free Growth Day app at the link below, from there you will be able to hear a replay of the New Year’s Day event!

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