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Hi, I'm Marilyn,

I went from being a secretary to a Senior Manager in one of the largest worldwide companies. I did this while I was a single mom to my 2 children.

The last five years have been a whirlwind of activity! I finally got serious about two things, my career and my love life.

When I first started, I had a great job as a secretary. I loved planning meetings and traveling, but that was about all.

I wanted something more.

I craved a challenge, a way to stretch my wings and shine. But I didn’t have the confidence, the skills, or the knowledge to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.

I started reading books like Atomic Habits, Life’s Golden Ticket, The Answer to How is Yes. While these were helpful, I needed more than a book to take action.

  I found a coach, and that changed everything!

I started using High-Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I began focusing on the most important tasks every day. I started looking around for opportunities. I became a Radiant ICF Certified Holistic Business Coach.

That led to getting my first promotion as a Project Manager. There are so many missteps I took along the way, and I’ve learned a lot. Since then, I have developed a streamlined method to leveling up at work. I became a Certified High Performance Coach and two more promotions came my way in the last four years!

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Marilyn Dollar - The Woman's Coach
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My second goal was to meet an amazing partner and hit the reset button on my romantic life.

I learned that I was able to use the same approach in relationships that I used in my business life! I read a few books, hired an amazing dating coach, and started working on a new path.  That led me to now, happily married to the most fantastic guy.

I am passionate about helping you meet your personal and professional goals! Using High-Performance habits and my 6 pillars method, I’ll help you find the success you desire.

Whether you need help at work, in relationships, or believing in yourself, I’m here to help. You can have the future of your dreams!

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My core beliefs for coaching

  • Anything is possible with the right coach, a plan, and a motivated client.
  • Success is a choice that only you can make when you take the right action.
  • There is value in every lesson; learn it quickly and move forward.
High Performance Coaching
Radiant Certified Coaching

My methods, framework, and skills:

  • Listen for your strengths, zone of genius and previous wins
  • Accountability, coaching, and productivity hacks
  • Visualize success and see how all parts of your life connect and work together 
  • Look for synergies & systems to work smarter, not harder
  • Learn by doing, step over pitfalls and create quick wins that lead to long-term success


Helping women who want to raise their standard of living to the next level by improving their productivity and performance at work through coaching.


One million women in the boardroom by 2030


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