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5 Ways a Side-Hustle changes your life!

If you are reading this on the day it is published, then you know we are all at home during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It has been about 8 weeks since this whole thing started, so the cycle of panic, survival, hoarding, staying inside your house have us all settling down a bit now, so what’s next? What are you doing with the time you used to commute, get ready for work, come home, flake out on the couch with a bag of chips and a frosty drink?


Having your own Side-Hustle has never been as important as it is right now. It puts you in charge, gives you job security, builds your confidence, allows you to be a role model for others, PLUS you have the TIME NOW!

Let’s dive into each of these a little deeper:

  1. You are in charge – how would it feel if you were in charge of your own destiny where money was concerned? Having a Side-Hustle gives you the power to earn what you want, you are in charge of your time, you control what you work on and how things get done.
  2. Job security – do you feel like your current 9-5 is secure? With companies restructuring, layoffs happening everywhere and the uncertainty of the future, you need to have the security of your own income. Having a Side-Hustle allows you to always have a stream of income that you manage your way.
  3. Confidence booster – That digital planner I created? It. Was. Hard…it took me a month of start-stop learning, but I finished it & published it on Etsy! Now I feel like, okay, what’s next? Create another planner for my upcoming online class? (Click here to learn how to create a digi planner) Having a Side-Hustle encourages you to learn new skills and when you do, it builds your confidence to keep going.
  4. Role model for others – My boys are growing up to be young men, and while they surely don’t listen and heed everything I say, they are watching everything I do. How do I show up as a role model for them? They see me working hard all day at my 9-5 (because we’re all working from home now) and then they see me water the flowers and the backyard (that’s my transition trigger these days) then I’m back at my desk by 6pm working on my Side-Hustle.
  5. You have the time now – but what are you doing with it? Netflixing, wine & Doritos? What if you decided that 2 nights a week, you worked on your Side-Hustle and continued education? What would that look like? If you average 4 hours per night on Netflix, that’s 40 hours a month, that’s a full week you could work on having your Side-Hustle up and running!
Side Hustle Ideas

If it’s a bank holiday where you are today, carve out an hour before the BBQ (It’s Memorial Day in the states) and brainstorm some fun ideas for either starting the Side-Hustle you’ve always wanted or some revenue generating ideas for your current Side-Hustle! Here are a few of mine: 

Now, not all of these are new Side-Hustles, many of them are things I can start working on right now in my current business. It only took me about 30 minutes to come up with these, then I put a little happy emoji on the ones I plan to implement in the next 90 days. The next step is to transfer these to my Trello board and start making a Project Plan to follow.

Try this out, what will you do in an hour today? You are in charge, start building your own job security, and challenge yourself to stretch out of your comfort zone, who will you inspire?

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