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3 Ways to Nurture Personal Growth and Relationships

Last night Jim and I attended the Chicago Innovation Summit, we heard 3 passionate panels on AI, the environment, and Unicorn startups and truly enjoyed ourselves. I am privileged  to serve as a mentor for this organization! We also both met our two new mentees and are ready for the next 90 days of helping with their development in this new cohort. Check it out if you’re in Chicago: https://chicagoinnovation.com/ Check it out if you’re in Chicago.

Last week I got this text message from a new client::

“Just talking to you twice has already made a huge difference.” 

Most of the high performers I work with start to see improvements in their life within about 21 days, she’s a badass CEO, and a bit competitive:) so she likes to be ahead of the curve.  

I love this unsolicited feedback! My goal is to be the guide, like WAZE or GOOGLE maps, helping my clients  navigate their individual path to success while maintaining authenticity and fostering better relationships. So, they can be authentic AND kind:) 

A few things I’ve learned along the way that have helped me nurture my own personal growth and build better relationships along the way :

  1. Self Reflection and Goal Setting:
  • Dedicate time for self-reflection and self-care.
  • Set clear and meaningful goals aligned with personal growth.
  • Regularly assess progress and make adjustments.
  1. Continuous Learning and Skill Development:
  • Commit to lifelong learning.
  • Engage in reading, workshops, courses, and mentorship.
  • Share knowledge and engage in growth-oriented discussions.
  1. Cultivate Empathy and Active Listening:
  • Develop empathy towards others.
  • Practice active listening to understand perspectives and emotions.
  • Show genuine interest, compassion, and validate experiences.

For me, personal growth and nurturing relationships go hand in hand. By investing in my own development and fostering meaningful connections with others, I have created a life I love while enjoying the journey:)

As a high-performance woman myself, I have achieved numerous milestones in my own career. However, along the way, I realized that while I excelled professionally, I neglected to treat myself well. I lost sight of my fun side and neglected my own personal life. I was raising my kids the best I could, but my success had come at the expense of my well-being and the quality of my relationships. 

Realizing this led me on a journey of self-discovery, that included years of therapy and hiring my own life coach. That journey led me to becoming a coach myself, where I use the tools, tips and mindset tricks on the daily! I also learned how to develop strategies and habits that gave me a vision for living my best life, enjoying my kids, getting remarried and doing work I love. 

The two biggest shifts? The first one was hiring my own coach. While I had been doing a lot of personal development on my own, hiring a great coach accelerated my journey. The second one was learning to listen to my unintentional thoughts, and shifting them into intentional thoughts, feelings and actions.

I also learned to prioritize the relationships in my life, my family, my kids, my husband, my girlfriends. I value all of the people that make me a better human! I listen to their honest feedback, witness their life adventures and honor the struggle on the path together. This has really become the most important part of my life, the connections and I love connecting people! That is my super power at parties:) I’ll save that for another time.

For now, I encourage you to stay committed to your personal growth, become a thought leader in your industry, and inspire the next generation of successful women. Get a mentor, hire a coach, take a course and redefine your success to create a more balanced, fulfilling life you love!

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