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3 Steps for Building Life Changing Momentum Towards your goals

  • Seeing the Future You: dream the big dream – Visualize 
  • Working Future Back: how to take action for your future 
  • The Monthly Tracker: your daily dopamine

Now that you have your goals in hand, it’s time to build your momentum! So have a big dream, one that gives you the bigger belief in your success more than your failure, that stretches your imagination, and see that dream every single day.

Seeing the Future You:  Visualize 

One of the easiest things you can do is imagine a positive outcome to your dream, right? What is the one goal you have been most focused on lately – a new job, a new dream client, your next big project? Start journaling or drawing or make a pic collage of this vision, what does it look like to you, how does it make you feel, who are you sharing your success with?

Now that you have this picture of success in your mind, take 3-5 minutes everyday to visualize it, feel it, breathe it in and luxuriate in the feeling that this is your new reality.  Set a daily timer on your phone to remind you to take this 5 minute visualization break, try this for the next 21 days.

Working Future Back: How to take action for your future self now

It’s easier with a picture and a timeline. So you have your next big dream in your mind’s eye, how can you pave the way today for your future self in this new life?  Easy, work backwards from your future self! Let’s say your big dream is to be a surfer, you’ve always wanted to hang ten off the coast of Kaua’i, and it’s now or never!  

As you’re visualizing yourself paddling out to where the waves break, pushing yourself up on the board, and catching the wave right as you stand up, what can you do now that will make some part of that process easier?  How about getting up from your chair with no hands!  I know that sounds like a tiny habit to try, and over time, your body will do it automatically, without thought, that’s what you want when that perfect wave is heading your way.  Try getting up from your chair like this every day for the next 21 days. If you need a focus daily checklist, try out my productivity one here:)

The Monthly Tracker: Daily dopamine

Visualizing, future back habit stacking and daily tracking, how do they work together? As you make visualizing your goal a daily habit and creating an easy path for your future self to actualize, tracking your progress is a great way to build momentum!  Did you ever get those little gold stars if you did your chores or homework for the week? Every single gold star gave you a tiny drop of dopamine, a little excitement to look forward to, something you earned, whether it was for you or someone else, that gold star was yours!

Our brains still work this way! By physically acknowledging your progress, you give your brain a focus, purpose and goal – get the gold star. This gives you immediate gratification for the long game, as well as a visual of how much tangible progress you are making. For instance, in the surfing example, if I stand up 3 times from a chair without my hands – gold star!  In 21 days, if I have 20 gold stars, maybe I’ll get a surfboard, start looking for surfing lessons and a ticket to Kaua’i Surf School.

Building Momentum is the name of the game. Recap: you have your goals, you know how to focus, and you’re putting in the time. This is how you build momentum, and just like a freight train, you’re much harder to stop than a parked car.  Keep taking action towards your next step in getting to your dream and share your success with someone special. 

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