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3 Easy $ Revenue Streams

Do you serve your customers… well? How do you know-have you asked them what they need & want from you? An easy way to find out is to start listening to the questions they ask and the comments they leave on your Facebook page.

One of the questions l hear a lot is “how do you make money in your Side-Hustle”? And my response: Experiment!!!

  • Digital Courses: Create a quick and easy online course teaching something your customers want to learn, at a high level. For instance, I hear all the time from my customers that they want to learn Marketing & Branding. So, this Summer I ‘m creating a $49 Marketing & Branding intro course. (If you’d like to get on the waiting list, sign up for it here!)

Recurring Revenue Streams: An important key to sustaining your message & vision is to find recurring revenue streams that make sense for your business. This is how you AS An Entre­preneur get to take A paid vacation! An easy way to add on this type of income stream is to offer a paid, monthly community as an ongoing support to your online course. You might include bi-weekly live group coaching, accountability partners and a bonus resource library. This could easily become an ongoing membership site as your biz grows.

Click here to see my friend Ashley’s WriterGal Monthly Group

As you plan your weekly Side-Hustle tasks and strategy sessions, ask these questions:

  • What is an easy digi-course that you can teach in 3-5 sessions?
  • Do you have anything you can put up for a Flash Sale today?
  • How can you begin to build up 3 new revenue streams to launch in the next 30 days?

    I’d love to hear your ideas! Please comment below.
    And Click here to get your Side-Hustle pdf
    – a downloadable pdf planner page to get started!
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