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2023 Goals: How to Mind Map your Brain Dump to Get Clear Soul Based Goals

Behold: The Mind Map!

Have you set your 2023 Goals? Do you have a yearning to set soul-based goals in an easy way? Check out the mind map template below! Think about is something that lights you up today, maybe that’s dreaming about what you could accomplish this year, friends, family, fun?

Perhaps you feel stuck in your job, and you want a new adventure, but your skill sets are a bit rusty, or your confidence is tarnished by a toxic workplace?  Where to begin?! One of the easiest ways I’ve found to get started is to do a brain dump of all the things swirling around about this topic. You’re probably already ruminating on the flipside of goal setting: thinking about how much better your life would be if only… so, how do you get into action? Start dreaming!

Do you have something your soul has been calling you to do, perhaps it started out as a whisper but at this point it’s a raging tornado! Are you afraid to step out on your own? A few of the top goals for 2023 are: Marriage & Family Harmony, Proper Mindset and Balance, Improved Physical Health, Career Passion and Personal Satisfaction, and Financial Stability. But where do you begin?!

I have a little surprise for you, it’s called a Mind Map Brain Dump process & it’s super easy! This is my basic step one in the process for life clarity, more about that next week:)

2023 Soul Goals
2023 Goals

How to use A Mind Map Brain Dump to Develop Soul Based 2023 Goals:

Step 1:  Write down all the things you want to do this year, try to narrow it to 3 areas of your life, I know it’s hard to just pick three, but you can do this exercise multiple times!

Step 2: Now close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and let your brain relax, this will allow more creative juices to naturally flow for the next step:)

Step 3: Categorize your thoughts into the 3 areas of life that you want to prioritize now, for me it’s work, family and personal care.

Step 4: Create a summary of your category, something like this: 

Work: I want to surround myself with positive people who appreciate my skills and talents.

Family:  I want to create intentional moments of connection with my family every week at dinner.

Personal Care: I want to have enough bath bombs for a month of tub soaks!

Step 5: Prioritize your time and your goal, is there one that is a burning desire and you must accomplish it first? Or are they all equally important? Is anything time bound, like your kids are leaving for college in the Fall, I want to plan a vacation for us to all enjoy before they go! Or what about your professional goals for 2023?

Step 6: Write out a few first steps to move yourself forward, they can be micro steps. If you want to take the family on vacation, make that the topic of dinner tonight or a group family text. Maybe you want to go to Mykonos, Greece, ask your friends if anyone has been and has any  travel recommendations. 

Step 7: Share your goal and progress with someone, a friend, your spouse, or a coach, and celebrate your success steps along the way!

I always feel the pull to create goals like this at the beginning of a new year, and also in September, when school starts!  I would love to support you on your goal getting journey! 

Would you like additional support, planning your next goal or transition? I encourage you to book a 20-minute laser coaching session! Follow this link to book yours now:)

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