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They call me the C-Suite Whisperer

If you crave a CHALLENGE and you are ready to grow into your next significant achievement,it’s time to take the leap!

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You've been successful, but deep down

you know there’s still more to achieve. Can you recall who you were before the demands of work and life began crushing your big dreams?

🌪️ Tired of the roller coaster of emotions?

🔄 Ready for a mid-life pivot?

❓ Constantly questioning whether any of this will work?

🌟 Eager to make a bigger impact?

Women at the office

You're ambitious, yet you might find yourself

Stuck in frustration at work

Lacking focus

Eager to bring back the passion in your life

You're ambitious, yet you might find yourself feeling:

Discover the balance and energy you’ve been craving in your life through my proven twelve-week High-Performance coaching program. I’m the trusted advisor who will provide you with the training you need, helping you build the habits that unlock the secret sauce to the next chapter of your career.

You need a trusted advisor, someone to listen and ask the hard questions. Together, we’ll dive deep, ensuring you process all your thoughts about the next step on your journey.

It's time to jump off that hamster wheel and find your clarity and purpose. So, grab your favorite tea or coffee, trade your heels for comfy pants and flip-flops, and let's have some real talk.
They call me the C-Suite Whisperer.

It’s time to stop wandering through life without fully embracing your true identity, I’m here to help you break free from the excuses, endless Netflixing, Amazon shopping and Instagram scrolling. 

What if you could feel:

  • Fearless ambition, like back in the early days.
  • More like a leader and less like a mother at work.
  • Motivated and ACCOUNTABLE to go after your dreams.
  • A powerful force to be reckoned with.
  • HAPPY – With unlimited energy to go for what you want.
  • Like a leader that people respect
Marilyn Dollar- Bio-Image

Hi, I'm Marilyn

The C-Suite Whisperer

You’re already great, and I can help you step into the next level of your life and leadership. 

With over 13 years in a Fortune 500 company, in a senior management position, I’ve led billion-dollar global projects while infusing fun and fostering close-knit teams.

Since 2019, I have been a Certified High-Performance Coach. I also hold certifications through The Life Coach School, and Radiant, an ICF-certified school since 2017.

I have expertise in neuroscience and leadership. I empower diverse individuals to develop their unique leadership styles. We do this in a holistic way prioritizing self-care, and honoring the season of life you are in. 

Let me be your secret weapon,  when everyone asks you how you did all “this” only you and I will know!

Coaching that gets results...

Don't just take my word for it, here's what others have to say...
"Marilyn "held space" for me. She listened attentively. She nudged, challenged, and sparked my inner get-up-and-go. I'm carrying my accountability session with her now into my second week since we talked. Thanks to Marilyn, I hit a much-needed reset button. Marilyn exudes a quiet confidence and lives her life in a holistic, inspiring manner. She infused those qualities into our session. I am grateful."
Leisa H.
"My time with Marilyn was priceless. We discussed a project that I have been putting off for quite some time. I was focused on what it was that was blocking me from completing it and what was getting in the way. Marilyn asked me if that really mattered and then suggested that we use this session as a working session. Within less than 45 minutes we completed and scheduled what I have been struggling with for months. Marilyn is a "get it done master!" If you need a little boost or a swift kick in the buttocks to get you to the next level, Marilyn is the one for the job. You will be so glad that you have found her."
Jean Ann S.

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By this time next year, you could be on a beach somewhere celebrating all your magnificent wins, instead of drowning in another margarita girls' night gripe session.

You don’t want to put this off a moment longer. If you're exhausted and tired of feeling like you've aged out, It’s time to invest in yourself. If you’re at a crossroads in your career and you’re looking around saying, “What’s next?”

I am the answer you’re looking for as your High-Performance Coach.
If you’re serious about making it happen this year, now is the time. Let’s start working on your dreams together!

As a high performer, you want to do it all, I get it!

But, at what cost?

I steer my clients to focus on only 3 projects per quarter, and we focus solely on those projects. See my High-Performance Productivity Planner and a video on how I use it every day. You can download it here, and print it out or use it digitally in Goodnotes on an iPad or a digital notebook.

Marilyn Dollar- Productivity Worksheet and Video

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